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Bowflex Power Pro Review

Bowflex Power Pro Gym
Manufacturer Bowflex
Price Est. $400 (used online)
Compare To

Bowflex Revolution
Bowflex Extreme 2

Bowflex Ultimate 2
Weider Crossbow

Reason Multiple exercises , can buy used for cheap price
Special Features Power rod technology
Gym Size Includes Weight Stack?/Amount # of Exercises Warranty
n/a Yes/220 lbs 35+ n/a

Bowflex Power Pro Review

The Bowflex Power Pro Gym was one of the original Bowflex gyms to hit the market back in the 1990's and sold quite well with a number of optional packages and variations of the machine over time.

The first Power Pro that Bowflex offered was a stripped down model with no lat tower attachment and no leg deleoper either.

Even with this simplistic design and lack of - what is now considered to be key components - the Bowflex Power Pro simply dominated the other fitness machines for sale (most notabley the Soloflex).

I tried a Power Pro at our friends house in the late '90's and though it was a decent machine, but needed some fine tuning and tweaks before it was something I would consider buying for my home gym.

Flash forward a few years and Bowflex has completely eliminated the Power Pro from theri offerings and has released a number of different variations to the Power Pro including the Revolution, Extreme 2, and Ultimate 2 gyms.

They've even targeted the lower end market with Bowflex models that sell through traditional retail outlets at lower price points (these models are more similar to the original Power Pro than Bowflex's new offerings).


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